Marianna Fox (Artist/Massage Therapist/Yoga) and Robin Cofer (Artist/Kundalini Yoga instructor) got together and wrote never before heard melodies to Ancient Chants. Beautiful Vocals, instrumental background music creating hypnotic layers.

Sipping Breath

Sipping Breath was born in East Hampton, New York in July 2009.  An organic process from its conception, Marianna and Robin found themselves inspired while sitting together on the bucolic banks of Georgica Pond. Surrounded by swans and bobbing sailboats breezing by with smiling faces, the duo delved into unknown musical territory and all of these songs came pouring out of them in a matter of hours. “I remember being blissed out!” Robin recalls of that fateful day. “I trusted the innate healing power of sacred sound and went with it.”  Marianna and Robin went on to perform their songs the very next night and headed out to Los Angeles a few months later to commune and collaborate with the accomplished producer James Fuchs in the recording studio. Their artwork is all their own and keeping the group small to produce greatness is part of their creative creed.

Marianna and Robin far exceeded their initial goal of merely making new melodies that every person could sing and feel happy about singing. Together they have generated a sacred gift for their audience that can help connect everyone to their own personal relationship with the Divine. “The mere repetition enhances vibrations for the planet, explains Marianna. “Spirituality becomes more organic and fun... Music is healing... Sound is healing... Sipping Breath is sound healing.”

Lee Fryd’s sociaL LiFe - Story about Sipping Breath

in the April 2010 issue of the Resident - PDF

Produced by: James Fuchs and Marianna Fox -

We would like to give special thanks to: James Fuchs, Dominick D'alleva, Lee Friedlander, Goswami Kriyananda, and Matt Adel.

MARIANNA FOX is the consummate artist and could not be described by any other word.  Her haunting, evocative voice is only the tip of the iceberg.  Multifaceted, her work as a creative force and healer has taken many forms.  Marianna's musical achievements span 20 years and have been recently challenged by her photography mix media series shown at galleries across the United States, including Merz Gallery(Sag Harbour), New York, and Soho Gallery, L.A. and Art Basel/Lurie Kavachnina Gallery, Miami.
Her passion for music manifested as a child growing up in an entertainment family in Miami, Florida.  She began singing and writing songs at the age of 10. As the front woman of rock-punk bands, Marianna spent her early 20s writing all original music and mastering the guitar and bass. Some of her music has been used in film and television, such as the Steven Baldwin film, "Bound by Lies". As a performance artist, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, she also dabbled in the comedy scene at avant-garde theatres.
Marianna's spiritual path has run concurrent to her creative one. Since her teens her practice of both yoga and meditation ignited her devotion to the healing arts.  As a practitioner of Healing Massage for 20-plus years, her clients have included pro-athletes, celebrities and Forbes list moguls.
Her latest incarnation, Sipping Breath, represents the merging of all Marianna's talents into one exquisite expression.  Collaborating with her brother James Fuchs and Yogi Robin Cofer has only made the project that much sweeter.
Marianna Fox
ROBIN COFER  experienced Samadhi - a glimpse at 'Reality' - at 12 on her parents tree-drenched land in Ithaca, New York and was never the same. This Spiritual Awakening intensified her passion to dance and act, stage fashion shows with her fanciful costume creations, write poetry and read scripture. Today she is known as a dynamic, multi-talented force that intrigues and inspires.  She is an Artist.
A classically trained ballet dancer, (ABT, SAB, Boston School of Ballet, Maggie Black, Madame Darvash), her dramatic, emotive dancing has earned her outstanding reviews.  She has performed at many venues including MOMA QNS, Dance Space, La Mama, and Guild Hall.
Blessed to have studied at the side of, and to be certified by, illuminated souls like Goswami Kriyananda, Yogi Bhajan, Patabi Jois, and the Saint Muniji, Robin is an ordained Swami who has been teaching yoga
to Manhattan's elite and tastemakers for more than twelve years. She was bestowed the name of Pranavananda, meaning One who achieve Bliss through chanting OM and all mantra,  by Goswami Kriyananda. Her passion for the Healing Arts also led her to Master Ou.  She is devoted to his potent system of Qi Gong.
Sipping Breath expresses Robin's ecstasy at the chance to sing the sacred mantras that have been precious to her for over twelve years, with originality and vitality; and, to collaborate with the creative powerhouse, Marianna is the ultimate artistic adventure.